Shipping to the US

Don’t let high shipping rates price you out of the US market! Unlock discounted US rates with our Relay Economy USA, USPS, UPS, and Fedex postage options. 

Service highlights

US-bound shipping FAQs –>

Service details.

Discounted rates

Access discounted rates with USPS and other carriers. Save up to 75% shipping to the US

Pickup Included

With Relay, pickup is standard and is included on ALL shipments (domestic and US)

Tracking included

Full tracking for you and your customers! Check out our tracking widget below.

Service options

Quick 2-4 day delivery with expedited options available. USPS, UPS and Fedex

US Address

We provide customers with a US address in order to access USPS rates. Return services available..

Parcel protection

Protect your parcels while they are in transit. Click 'Parcel protection' to see all terms

Get an estimate with our shipping calculator!

Prohibited and restricted items

At Relay, we want to ensure that your shipments are received and delivered without issue or delay. Please make sure to comply with our rules & regulations to avoid such delays

How US shipping works

Pay & Print

Sign up & add credits to your account. Use our web app for shipments. An assigned US address will be printed on your label.

Free Pickup

A Relay driver will pickup your parcels on your selected pickup date. Update requests and notes for the driver.


Our partner couriers will clear customs at the border and will deliver your shipment to the US carrier (USPS, UPS, Fedex)

Quick delivery!

US carrier will complete the final mile delivery. Full tracking & optional insurance is available on all parcels.

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